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How your eye doctor could save your life

It is very important that you keep your eye appointment. Why is that you are wondering?
Any small or subtle changes in your eye could indicate to your doctor that you are at risk of a stroke.
During your eye exam your doctor uses many instruments including a ophthalmoscope. He will use this instrument when he dilates your pupils to look for changes in your retina. 
One of the things he is looking for is a sign of retinopathy or the ballooning or bursting of the tiny vessels in the retina.
Along with giving the signal to your doctor that you are at risk of a stroke, the signs can also tell if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or in a rare case if you have cancer.
In one study by Australian researchers, they examined the photos of over 3600 eyes. They found that those with blood vessel damage had a70% more chance to have a stoke in the next seven years than those that had no damage.
If you are one of the ones that thought skipping your eye exam, you might want to think again about the ramifications to your health by skipping that exam