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Prescription Sunglasses

Here is a sunglass that you can wear at anytime when outdoors. No longer do you need to have a clip on for your regular glasses. If your in a windy, dusty or beach environment you need not worry about having contacts in your eyes. Just put on your prescription sunglasses and your ready to go.

If your concerned about style you will be happy to see that the styling of sunglasses are the same as all glasses and frames. You have the option of designer, celebrity and fashion glasses and frames to choose from.

As for the lenses used in sunglasses you will find that there choices from the basic lens to high prescriptions as well as bifocal and progressive lens options.

You can choose a lens that darkens when you go from a room environment to a sunlight environment. This is known as a photo chromic lens. Be aware though, these type of lenses do not normally have UV protection built in. To have the UV protection you will have to ask to have a UV coating applied to the lens.

There are many materials your prescription sunglass lenses can be made from. These include glass, regular plastic, high-index and polycarbonate. The high-index and polycarbonate materials are ones you should look for in the sunglasses. They are a much more lighter and stronger lens.