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There is so much to look for in choosing your new pair of eyeglass frames. You need to consider the feel of them on your face, the colors, strength and durability and most of all...price.

One of the biggest items in choosing a frame is the material it is made of. Frames can be made of plastic, titanium, nylon, stainless steel and beryllium. Each material has it's strength and weaknesses in choosing it.

Titanium is a strong plus lightweight metal. It stands up to corrosion and can take a lot of punishment. If your looking for color in your titanium frames you will find it as they can be manufactured in various colors besides silver grey.

Nylon frames have been around for quite awhile, about 60 years to be exact. Nylon frames are actually a mixture or gliamides, polyamides and co-polyamides to give a strong and lightweight frame. Nylon frames are excellent for the sports and performance enthusiastic.

The newer plastic frames are made of a material called zyl or zylonite. One bonus of using this material is for the coloring aspects of the frames. You can pick one in just about any color you want. You can also choose a zyl frame that is laminated and has layered coloring.

Beryllium is very similar to titanium but costs less . As with titanium it is lightweight, resists corrosion and breakage. It also comes in a variety of colors thus making it an excellent low cost option but getting the same performance of a titanium frame.

Stainless steel is another option to choosing titanium. Stainless steel is lightweight, has strength and are hypoallergenic. While it is not low cost, stainless steel is a reasonably price frame for the cost conscious person.

One final metal frame is the ones made of Flexon. Flexon is a titanium based metal. This type of frame is often referred to as the memory frame as it will revert itself back to its original shape if it is bent or damaged. As it is titanium based Flexon is also lightweight, corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic and durable.