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When it is time to put on a pair of glasses, whether they are prescription glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses, everybody wants to make sure they will look good wearing them.

There are a few rules of thumb to follow to make sure your glasses will look good on you with out trying on every pair of frames in the store.

These rules according to the Vision Council of America (VCA) Envision Yourself program are:
The frame shape should contrast with the face shape
The frame size should be in scale with the face size
Eyewear should repeat your personal best feature (such as a brown frame for brown eyes or blue frame for blue eyes)

There are seven basic face shapes: round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square. Be sure to check with our opticians to determine you face shape and proper frames to match that shape.

As well as the basic face shapes the VCA has determined the following three keys to color analysis:
All people have either a warm (yellow-based) or cool (blue-based) coloring
Everybody looks best in their own color base
Eyewear should compliment personal coloring

The way to best determine your personal coloring is to take in account the color of your skin, eyes and hair.

A cool complexion has blue or pink undertones while a warm complexion has a peaches and cream or rather a yellow look.

Use your eyes as a secondary element in determining your coloring. The reason for this is the wide variety of eye colors.

Hair color is the third element in coloring. Warm colors in hair are golden blond, flat black, brown gold, carrot and dirty grey. Cool hair colors are strawberry blond, platinum, blue-black, white, salt-and-pepper and dishwater brown.

Once all of your colors have been determined and you know if you are "warm" or "cool" you can then find the colors of the eyeglass frame that would fit you best.
Some examples for cool coloring are: black, rose-brown, blue-grey, plum, magenta, pink, jade, blue and darker tortoise. Examples of warm coloring colors are: camel, khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, off-white, red, warm blue, blond and tortoise.

Once you have put all the pieces together and have selected a pair of glasses to enhance your personal look you will no longer be wearing the glasses just for eye will be making a fashion and lifestyle statement.



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