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Extended Wear Contacts

Extended wear contact lenses are used for continuous wearing meaning that you put them in, wear them all day and sleep with them in at night. You cannot do this with daily wear lenses without damaging your eyes. The extended wear contact allows more oxygen to reach the eyes cornea than the daily wear.

You should only wear the extended wear contacts for up to seven days without removal. Keep in mind though that the FDA does consider overnight wearing of contacts to be dangerous and it should not be done. There is evidence that eye infections are greater with people that sleep with their contacts in place.

If you have any questions on this topic please schedule an examination and ask our doctors.

If you do use extended wear contacts you should do it on a flexible basis. Wear them during the days with only an occasional overnight sleeping in them.

If your eyes start to get irritated or burn or look red, take them out and let your eyes have a "rest" from.

As with all medical devices follow the instructions the doctor gives you in their use.