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Disposable Contacts

Disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn and replaced about every two weeks.

The reason you would want to replace your lenses that often is a health issue. The more you wear a contact lens the more deposits there are that can build up on them. These deposits are calcium, proteins and lipids. When you get theses build ups on your contacts they can irritate the eye and make the contact uncomfortable and in some cases could cause an eye infection.

Disposables are a good choice as they are less expensive as extended wear contacts and they do not need to be cleaned like extended wear contacts. If you are a frequent wearer of contacts disposables might be just the thing for you.

Almost all people are able to wear disposable contacts. The one thing that could stop you from wearing them is if your prescription is available with a disposable lens.

Disposable lenses are available as bifocals, toric and eye color changing lenses.