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Colored Contacts

Colored contacts are used to change the color of your eyes. To obtain color contact lenses you must have a prescription as these are still considered medical devices.
While you can get colored contacts in Plano or no visual correction you will still need the contact exam so that they can be fitted properly to your eye.

Colored contacts come in four types. These are:

Visibility tint. These contacts have a light blue or green tint added just to help you see the contact when putting them on your eye and on removing them.

Colored tints. These are the tints that are deeper in color and actually will change the color of your eyes. Some of the colors available to you are blue, violet, gray, green and hazel.

Enhancement tints. These tints are a more solid tint that is darker than the visibility tint and does change eye color. These tints are made to enhance the natural colors of your eyes not to change the color completely.

Light filtering tints. These tints are designed for sportsmen in that they enhance only certain colors of baseballs, golf balls and tennis balls so that they can be seen better.

If you are interested in having colored contacts be sure to talk to our opticians and doctors.