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Children's Sunglasses

One overlooked area in sunglasses are sunglasses for children. As with adults it is very important that a child's eyes are protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Actually it is probably more important for a child as they can spend many more hours out in the sun than the average adult.

Luckily, that protection is now available, affordable and very fashionable. Children's sunglasses can now compete with the most fashionable ones for adults. Children's sunglasses are actually adult sunglasses but just on a smaller scale.

You have available to you the round, oval, rectangular and cat-eye shapes. The color options are like the rainbow. Children's sunglasses offer frames in both plastic and the high tech metals. And for the real "cool" child be sure to find a pair of wraparounds that look just like the bigger adult models.
If you have that active child that is always braking things, be sure to find a pair of children sunglasses that have polycarbonate lenses that can take that beating with breaking.

When picking out your child's sunglasses be sure to pay attention to the UV protection offered by the lenses. You should shoot for the 95% to 98% blockage of UV (UVA and UVB) rays.